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"Flying is easy, just fall to the ground, and miss..."

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Birthdate:Nov 10
I'm Alyssa, but you can call me Mickey. I'm a short, dark-haired brunette with glasses that take up half of my face. And to think, it's only my right eye that's sucky... ('^u^)

I currently live in Connecticut. I love to write, to draw, and to read. I'm dreaming of becoming a cardiac or neurosurgeon someday, so if anyone happens to "lose their head" in my company, never fear! Ahem, well, you might fear at the moment seeing as I'm still working my way through High School, but SOON. *heroic pose*

Despite the fact that I'm a nerd when it comes to organisms (particularly those that are of the living variety), I often spend my time with my head in the clouds. I enjoy reading fantasy novels, so of course I'm a natural Harry Potter fan. :D

According to the wonderful site that is Pottermore, I'm a Ravenclaw. On that note, let me just say that our house is in THIRD place right now behind Slytherin (First) and Hufflepuff (Second), as of yesterday. Going on a whim here, but I'm guessing they're still quite ahead of us. We'll catch up on those couple hundred thousand points we need, eventually... Competition is fierce, let me just say. Those Hufflepuffs are really packing a punch.

As far as the actual storyline of Harry Potter goes, my OTP is Harry/Draco (bottom!Draco being favored.) If some of you are about to have a heart attack about that, let me just remind you that I don't have a cardiac defibrillator handy just yet. ('^v^)
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